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40+ Maternity Photoshoot Ideas for Stunning Pictures

Capturing the beauty and joy of pregnancy through a maternity photoshoot is a cherished tradition for expecting mothers. To help you create stunning and memorable pictures, we’ve curated 40+ creative maternity photoshoot ideas that celebrate this special time in your life.

From serene nature-inspired themes to glamorous urban settings, these ideas will inspire your maternity photography journey.

15 Props to Highlight Your Maternity Photoshoot

1. Balloons

Balloons are versatile props for maternity photoshoots, offering a playful and stylish touch. Their diverse colors and styles enhance indoor and outdoor sessions, adding a fun and fashionable vibe to your pictures.

Women standing on the eaves holding balloons
Photo by Francesca Petringa on unsplash

2. Hat

Incorporate hats to elevate your maternity photoshoot. From floppy sun hats to cozy beanies, hats add charm and character, framing your glowing anticipation with a touch of fashion-forward flair.

3. Tiny Shoes

Tiny shoes capture the essence of new beginnings in maternity photoshoots. By placing them alongside your baby bump, these adorable props symbolize the exciting journey ahead, creating heartwarming and sentimental images.

4. Baby Clothing

Displaying tiny outfits or shoes can signify the impending arrival, adding sentimentality and tenderness to your maternity pictures.

5. Flowers

Whether it’s a floral crown or a delicate bouquet, flowers add a touch of elegance and femininity to your pregnancy portraits.

Pregnant women stand behind flowers with their hands supporting the wall
Photo by Ziggysofi on shutterstock

6. Maternity Dress

A long, flowing maternity dress accentuates your baby bump beautifully. Designed to enhance your maternal glow, it’s a special and elegant choice for your maternity photoshoot.

7. Colored Smoke

Whether revealing your baby’s gender or adding vibrant symbolism, these smoke effects create memorable, playful, and visually striking images.

8. Bubbles

Infuse whimsy into your maternity photoshoot with bubbles. Their playful nature adds a touch of magic, surrounding you in a world of joy and creating enchanting and light-heart images.

maternity photo shoot
Photo by Dylan Sauerwein on unsplash

9. Milk Bath

The milky waters provide a serene backdrop, emphasizing the purity of motherhood and resulting in stunning, dreamy captures.

10. Toys

Whether new or cherished heirlooms, these playful additions symbolize family bonds and love, infusing your pictures with a sense of nostalgia and anticipation.

11. Books

Showcase children’s classics or titles with special messages; it’s a charming way to express your hope for a bright and promising journey.

12. Pets

Include your beloved pets in your maternity photoshoot to capture the whole family’s excitement.

Pregnant mother holding up a sign
Photo by B-finity on shutterstock

13. Backgrounds

A well-chosen backdrop can elevate ordinary shots into extraordinary moments, adding depth and context and enhancing the overall visual impact of your photographs.

14. Wedding Rings

Incorporate your wedding rings in your maternity photoshoot to celebrate the journey from “I do” to parenthood. Placing them near your baby bump or holding them in your hands adds a heartfelt touch.

15. Other Family Members

Include partners, siblings, grandparents-to-be, or other family members in your maternity photoshoot to capture the excitement and support surrounding your pregnancy journey.

A family lying on the ground smiling
Photo by Roman Samborskyi on shutterstock

10 Solo Indoor Poses for Maternity Photoshoot

1. Simple Silhouette

Backlit by soft light, your profile forms a graceful outline, emphasizing the beauty of your baby bump.

2. On the Bed

The relaxed setting creates a cozy atmosphere, highlighting your bump while exuding comfort and natural beauty.

3. A Foodie Mommy

Celebrate pregnancy cravings by capturing candid moments of the expectant mom indulging in her favorite snacks, showcasing a joyful and authentic side of pregnancy.

4. Goddess Style

Adorned in flowing fabrics, floral crowns, or ethereal accessories, channel your inner divinity, creating goddess-inspired images that exude strength, beauty, and an enchanting aura.

Husband Kisses Wife's Belly
Photo by Fotodrobik on shutterstock

5. Make Use of Baby’s Nursery

Capture the anticipation and connection by standing beside your baby’s nursery, locking eyes with your spouse. This intimate moment within the nursery setting beautifully encapsulates the excitement and preparation for your little one’s arrival.

6. Snuggle up on the Couch

Opt for an intimate and cozy setting by snuggling up on a couch for your maternity photoshoot. This casual, relaxed environment captures emotional moments with a warm, homely feel, perfect for family maternity photography.

7. Get Your Hands on a Letter Board

Craft personalized messages that express your excitement, hopes, or even your baby’s name, creating a unique and visually engaging way to share your journey and anticipation.

Pregnant mother puts her hand on her belly
Photo by Harshit Jain on unsplash

8. Candid Photoshoot

Capture unscripted moments that reflect genuine emotions and interactions, providing a raw and authentic portrayal of your journey into parenthood.

9. Hold the Belly

Add intimacy to your maternity photoshoot by capturing tender moments of you and your partner holding your baby bump. This gesture symbolizes connection, love, and the anticipation of the new life you bring into the world.

10. Maternity Yoga

These serene and graceful positions showcase your strength and flexibility while celebrating the beauty of pregnancy through calming, mindful poses.

Pregnant women doing yoga
Photo by G-Stock Studio on shutterstock

10 Solo Outdoor Poses For Maternity Photoshoot

1. On the Beach

Against the backdrop of waves and open skies, you radiate natural beauty, embodying nature’s harmony and motherhood’s journey.

pregnent woman stands beside trees
Photo by Vitor Monthay on unsplash

2. Underwater Adventure

Submerged in a serene lake, capture the ethereal beauty of your baby bump, surrounded by the gentle embrace of water, symbolizing the nurturing connection between you and your unborn child.

3. Mountain Elegance

Amidst the majestic peaks, you exude strength and grace, showcasing the powerful beauty of pregnancy against the breathtaking backdrop of nature’s grandeur.

Pregnant mother wearing a formal dress standing in on the grass
Photo by Ironika on shutterstock

4. Use Nature as a Frame

Nestled within the beauty of trees, leaves, or flowers, you become a central focus, highlighting the harmony between your growing belly and the natural world surrounding you.

5. Get Low for a Unique Outdoor Portrait

Kneel or lie down in a picturesque outdoor setting, creating an intriguing composition that accentuates your baby bump against nature’s splendor.

6. Hit the Street

Showcase your pregnancy amidst the city’s vibrant energy, celebrating the blend of modernity and motherhood with street art, architecture, and bustling scenes as your backdrop.

Couple walking on the street holding baby's shoes together
Photo by Wes Hicks on unsplash

7. Pose Against a Graffiti Wall

Strike a pose against a vibrant graffiti wall for an edgy and artistic outdoor maternity photoshoot. The colorful and eclectic backdrop adds a dynamic flair to your pictures, creating visually captivating and unique images.

8. Stick To Your Stoop

The familiar surroundings add a personal touch, capturing the beauty of your pregnancy in a comfortable and everyday setting.

9. Sunbathing

As you soak in the warmth, your baby bump becomes a focal point, illuminated by the sun’s rays, creating a serene and luminous portrayal of your pregnancy.

Couple walking hand in hand by the seaside
Photo by Joeyy Lee on unsplash

10. Beaming Smiles

Let your happiness shine as you and your partner share laughter and anticipation, reflecting the excitement and love surrounding the upcoming addition to your family.

10 Couple Poses for Maternity Photoshoot

1. Heart Hands

Create a heartwarming moment by joining hands over your baby bump to form a heart shape.

2. Pose Against a Graffiti Wall

Add an urban edge to your maternity photoshoot by posing against a graffiti wall with your partner.

pregnent woman is walking beside the sea
Photo by Morrowlight on shutterstock

3. Surprise! A Baby’s on the Way

If you’ve just found out, reveal the exciting news to your spouse and document their heartwarming reaction, creating a candid and emotional memory of this special announcement.

4. Cute and Cozy

Snuggle up with your partner in a comfortable and cute pose, showcasing the warmth and affection that will envelop your growing family.

5. A Holiday Twist

Add a holiday twist to your maternity photoshoot by incorporating seasonal elements. Whether it’s Christmas lights, Halloween costumes, or Thanksgiving-themed props, infuse the festive spirit into your pictures, creating unique and memorable images.

Pregnant mother holding tulips in one hand and belly in the other
Photo by Natalia Deriabina on shutterstock

6. Sweet Embrace

Wrapped in each other’s arms, the intimacy and anticipation of parenthood shine through in your maternity photoshoot.

7. Hand-In-Hand, Together

In a hand-in-hand pose, simplicity reveals profound love. Holding hands, you express unity and affection, creating beautiful and heartfelt pictures in your maternity photoshoot.

8. Candid Couple Pose

Be yourselves, savor the moment, and let the photographer capture genuine, beautiful maternity photos filled with raw emotions and joy.

Pregnant mother standing in the sunshine laughing happily
Photo by Omar Lopez on unsplash

9. Cheek Kiss

In the cheek kiss pose, capture a tender moment as the man leans in, softly kissing the expecting woman’s cheek. This gesture encapsulates affection and anticipation in your maternity photoshoot.

10. The Classic Pregnant Belly Kiss Pose

As the partner lovingly kisses the baby bump, capture the connection, excitement, and love surrounding the upcoming arrival.


We trust this maternity photography posing guide sparked inspiration for your upcoming session. From classic poses to creative twists, may these ideas capture the beauty of your journey.

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